Backed by Experienced Management Team
      Our factory in China was established in 2004 and it covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters in the city of Dongguan. We have an experienced management team and skilled production workers to ensure that from yarn to fabric, from the cut pieces to the clothing and each production process are standardly managed. Each product is made from high-quality brand yarn and long-term stability of the dyeing standard, coupled with strict setting and pre-shrinking treatment. We strive to achieve a reliable good quality, with color, size, style in long-term unity and standardization, to assure our customers’ confidence.

Having Non-food Medical Clean Workshop
       In 2016 our factory acquired non-food medical workshop level of a clean workshop, which was in the same domestic industry the first of its kind. Since then, we have effectively solved the polyester fiber composition of the fabric prone to electrostatic adsorption dust pollution clothing problems. At present, our all white sports quick-drying fabric, modal Lycra, ceramic mulberry silk and all other fabrics are in a dust-free workshop production environment to ensure that during the process of sublimation of hot stamping, other dust impurities would not stain the surface of the clothes, thus further enhancing the product quality.

Deal With Us Today
      Our company is the first to develop Lycra pure clothing (spandex fabric blank T-shirt) of the garment enterprises. After years of development, we own a number of weaving and garment factories, set cotton yarn procurement, weaving, dyeing, clothing production and sales in one, supporting with quality testing, product development, pure clothing storage, logistics and distributions. 

Our products are mainly used for personalized customization, group service customization, advertising gifts …ect., with high cost of product demand. 

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